Toronto BA Wireflows

Working on a project for a Toronto neighbourhood Business Improvement Area was a great opportunity to show off the power of wireflows. Wireflows are a combination of classical wireframes that are incorporated into the user or data flows. They offer a deeper insight into capital design decisions, as well as provide a way to test the basic interactions. Continue reading “Toronto BA Wireflows”

Visualizing e-commerce Design & Development Process Using Workflow Diagram

The Challenge

Workflow diagrams help large organizations deal with complex workflows in their day-to-day operations. Information travels between people, teams and systems and it can be a real challenge to have a clear overview of how things are done. What was going in the previous stage? What happens next in the design and development cycle?  This usually creates gaps in communication, which in turn extends the time needed to complete the cycle and nobody likes that. Continue reading “Visualizing e-commerce Design & Development Process Using Workflow Diagram”